Cotton candy Collection

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The Cotton Candy Collection 100% Organic Cotton

Created by vape enthusiasts for vape enthusiasts!

The Cotton Candy Collection - 100% Organic Non Transgenic Cotton fiber which was created for vape enthusiasts by vape enthusiasts.  Our cotton fibers "wick" incredibly well without the need of a "break-in" period. The superior cotton fibres were formulated to withstand continuous high temperature vaping and will NOT collapse under any circumstance. 

This cotton is ideal for all rebuild-able's and absorb e-liquid incredibly well with no break-in period. 

Don't just take our word for it, grab a puck and try it for yourself.  We choose to let the fiber's quality and performance speak for itself. 

Contains - NO Pesticides NO Herbicides NO Fertilizers NO Insecticides NO Hydrogen Peroxide

Non-Transgenic seeds (NOT Genetically modified)  


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