Squonk Connector Tightening Kit

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Mod makers Connector Tightening Kit

We are pleased to bring you our 510 tightening kit made for 14mm nuts used on the MM510 and 13mm nuts used on another 10mm shaft 510 connectors.

The spanner and 2 bars are chrome plated chrome vanadium steel making them extremely strong and the nut and bolt tool is made of stainless steel. The spanner is 87mm long and the bars are 100mm long. A white nylon washer also comes in the kit to protect your 510 faceplate.

This kit has everything you need to tighten a 510 so there is no need for other tools.

Please take care not to break your mod when using this, its very heavy duty.

MM510 Features:

  • 1 x Chrome Plated Brass M12 Nut
  • 1 x Silver Plated Brass Spring Cap
  • 1 x Silver Plated Copper Standard Positive Nut
  • 1 x Silver Plated Copper Large Positive Nut

    *PLEASE NOTE. This tool is very heavy duty. Tightening the tool nut against the 510 body too hard will end up damaging the threads on the tool or the 510. Only tighten enough so the 510 doesn't spin when tightening the 510 nut with the spanner. Let the spanner take the strain. Over tightening is user error so please go easy using this tool.

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