Seize Vape Co - The Zipper (Blackout)

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The Zipper by Seize Vape Company

Seize Vape Co's original squonk mod, the Zipper 18650! Carbon black polished body with a unique fire prevention button, improved cut through seize logo and ergonomic design that sits perfectly in either hand. This mod is tiny measuring it at Height 75mm x Width 26mm x Length 43mm. Personally it a great size and fits snug in my hand.


  • MM510 Connector.
  • MM 8.5ml Super soft Bottle.
  • 2 Halos ~ 22mm and 16mm.
  • 3 buttons ~ Original (fire prevention), Nipple and Seize Logo.
  • NEW Seize 510 Nut Spinner Lock.
  • Copper Contacts.
  • Multi-coloured battery sticker and clear wrap.
  • 14mm Nylon Spanner.



    Vape monarch is not responsible for the safe use of this product and will not be held responsible for any harm or damage caused as a result of using this product. Unregulated or mechanical devices are to be used strictly by experienced vapers only. Knowledge of Ohm’s Law, safe coil building, and battery safety is essential. Please ensure the correct precautions are taken not cause damage or harm to the atomizer, vaping device, or yourself.

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