MM510 Squonk Connector

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Mod makers 510 Squonk connector 

Designed by Mod Makers UK, This 510 connector is one of the best on the market. With loads of features perfect for all you modders out there, or simply if you need a replacement. 

MM510 Features:

  • Glass-filled peek insulator. This material can take some serious heat.
  • Wave spring. A stiffer spring for a better connection.
  • Oring / gasket. Embedded into the positive pin to reduce leakage.
  • Oring embedded into the insulator to reduce leakage between the insulator and the body threads.
  • Negative solder tab. For non mechanical squonkers.
  • 22mm & 24mm Washer currently available(Purchase separately), please contact me if you require alternative diameters 

The threaded section is m12 (12mm x 1mm) thread. The top plate is 16mm diameter and 0.5mm thick. When you add a washer, the top plate will be 1mm thick. The body of the 510 is made of stainless steel. 


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