Cloud Rewards

What is cloud rewards?

It is a loyalty program, that rewards you, the vaper with clouds to spend on your next purchase, or simply collect and spend when you are ready. We also reward you for sharing on social media, liking our Facebook page or signing up to our newsletter. For more information see table below

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What is a Cloud?

A cloud is virtual currency you, a vape monarch account holder, earn back on every purchase.

How many clouds do I earn for every Rand I spend?

Our reward program is divided into tiers,as follows...


How many clouds do I earn?

10 x  clouds, per Rand spent (8.3% cash back).

12 x  clouds, per Rand spent (10% cash back)

14 x  clouds, per Rand spent(11.6% cash back)

When do I move up?

R 0 - R 2500

R 2501 - R 6500

R 6501 

Registration Bonus 200 Clouds 200 Clouds 200 Clouds

Share our page on Facebook

200 Clouds

200 Clouds

200 Clouds

Like us on Facebook

250 Clouds

250 Clouds

250 Clouds

Sign up to our newsletter

200 Clouds

200 Clouds

200 Clouds

When do my points expire?

Never, as long as we are open for business you will be able to redeem your rewards on item sold in our online store.

How to redeem my points?

When you have found a product you would like to buy you can purchase using clouds, or apply clouds as a discount upon check out. If you are unsure at any time please do not hesitate to contact us. Click to contact us!.