Why Vaping is gaining momentum

June 17, 2017

Why Vaping is gaining momentum

Why Vape?

Many ex-smokers (as well as non-smokers) have moved onto the latest craze in inhaled substances – Vaping. This seemingly healthier alternative to tobacco has changed the lives of countless people around the world, for the better.

Everyone knows just how harmful cigarettes are, being one of the leading causes of death annually. Various types of cancer and heart disease are among the most common death sentences encountered by long-time smokers.

Long before the possibility of dying, however, there are various complications that smokers have to endure. Cigarettes lower your immune system so significantly, that many smokers find themselves suffering from a constant cold.

Countless people around the world wake up every morning struggling to breathe, having to cough up the tar-ridden phlegm obstructing their airways. Their skin wrinkles prematurely, they smell bad, and they pollute the lungs of others with second-hand smoke. Basic senses like smelling and tasting begin to deteriorate.

Vaping’s popularity could largely be seen as a reaction to the above-mentioned issues. It allows people to still enjoy nicotine, while cutting out a massive percentage of the downsides. Vapers do not suffer the respiratory tract problems that cigarette smokers do. They don’t wake up every morning with a whooping cough, struggling or air. Their senses are sharp and acute.

Although e-cigarettes or vapes have not yet been proven to be a healthier alternative, they undoubtedly contain significantly less toxins compared to cigarettes. The lungs and airways of vapers just aren’t collecting with gunk, and the destructive properties that cigarette smoke brings to the body in general are not present.

The light and enjoyable nature of vaping has resulted in a massive global sub-culture surrounding the electronic smoking method. Despite their health benefits, vapes are far more socially acceptable than cigarettes, to the point where they can be smoked in most public situations without upsetting anyone. This means that it is completely accessible, and people can enjoy it virtually anywhere.

While the more casual vapers will be happy just purchasing a device off a trusted online or physical store, the more passionate members of the global vape culture are crazy about constructing their own vapes from the ground up, allowing for a completely personalized vaping experience.

There are countless flavors to choose from. These e-liquids, which are heated up by a vaping device to produce the aromatic vapor, range from traditionally tasting cigarette flavors, to fruity or candy-like tastes.

Vaping has really taken off as a global phenomenon. It is no longer about just personal enjoyment, but about networking and collaboration, ensuring that quality and performance are continually improved upon and developed.