Save Vaping in SA

May 28, 2018

Save Vaping in SA

Let make a stand!!

Guys, Girls and fellow vapers, The time has come were we a community need to stand together. We need to make a change; if we don’t our whole life could be in for a drastic change, as some of you may know, hopefully, all of you. The South African department of health has proposed a new control of tobacco products and electronic delivery systems bill on the 9th of May 2018. The new bill classifies all electronic cigarettes under the same class as tobacco products. Therefore it will be treated as a tobacco product.

The following points are the key:

  • Plain white labels on Juice bottles and packaging.
  • Hiked taxes on all vape products and juices 
  • No vaping in public spaces. That includes in your favorite vape shop.
  • Potential flavor bans
  • The ban on all testers offered in Vape shops.
  • Marketing of Vaping to be banned in-store print and online. 
  • Nicotine regulations
  • No Online sales

If you would please help us make a stand, we need all of you, your friends and your family. Anyone who is directly affected by you switching from vaping to smoking to help us gain the data we need to prove we are a healthier alternative to smoking, and should not be painted with the same brush.

There are 3 key points we need your assistance with:



Please go to the VPA website and make our voice heard!!!

1. Remember your ID number is what validates your testimony, Please add your ID number or there is no point in you completing this.
2. Please customize your  Testimonial as it will have more impact, to do this click on "Read or edit the petition" underneath "Testimonial Submission"


Data is key in our fight against the regulations. Help us gather the data we need to prove our point.

1. Remember your ID number is what validates the information you provide, Please add your ID number or there is no point in you completing this.
2. Please add some personal information in the last box on the survey on how vaping has affected you compared to smoking


Noting drives the message home like a video.
Please upload a short clip to Vaping changed my life's facebook page. Short and sweet how you felt before you started vaping to how you feel now. Who's life is better now that you don't smoke anymore? I know for a fact my whole family was affected by me smoking in one or another way, Vaping has changed this all!


Let's do this now, Let stand together and help all the guys trying to help us, They need this information and would not have asked us to help if it was not important.

Let's stand together as the community we are, and make the change!!