Review - The Cotton Candy Collection

August 13, 2017

Review - The Cotton Candy Collection

Good Day #CloudChasers

Today I have decided to do a review on The cotton Candy collection available at Vape Monarch.

Personally, I have only used Cotton bacon V2 and Koh Gen Do cotton pads for my RDA's. Until I heard about this, The cotton Candy Collection. I waited a while before I tried it out, And man oh man it definitely holds up to its good reputation! I love this stuff and use it in all my RDA's.

First impressions: Great packaging, something different as it comes in a tub or as they call it an ice hockey shape puk. The cotton is string shaped and rolled up neatly in the tub. The cotton itself is super fluffy when compared to other kinds of cotton.

Best of all it's 100% Organic Non-Transgenic Cotton fiber which was created for vape enthusiasts by vape enthusiasts and contains no pesticides, no herbicides, no fertilizers, no insecticides and no hydrogen peroxides.

To use,

  • cut a ± 4cm piece from the string. 
  • Pinch diameter ± 0.5 cm piece of cotton and peel away from the string.
  • Roll one end of the cotton between your fingers.
  • Push the rolled end through your coil.
  • pull it through your coil, until you have an even piece of cotton on each end of your coil.
  • cut off the piece you rolled between your fingers.(ensure cotton is still evenly positioned in you coil)
  • Apply your favorite e-liquid to the wick. Start in the center over the coil and work your way to the end.Ensure wick is fully saturated.
  • Once soaked through pulse your device in 3 -5-second intervals. do this 3 - 5 times.
  • Fold your cotton ends into your rda, Ensure you have good air flow directly below your coils. Do not compress your cotton.
  • Re saturate your wicks. fit top cap and you are ready to go

 All in all this cotton is easy to work with, produces flavor notes I haven't tasted using any other cotton. I assume this is due to the fact that it is so clean, completely organic and the simple distillation process they use to remove the unwanted natural oils and debris.

 Plus notes, this cotton is harvested using sustainable methods, each bail of cotton is meticulously tested and receives a certificate of compliance and chemical analysis. This guarantees the product quality is in accordance with USP general chapter 670.

We at vape monarch love this cotton and would recommend it to anyone. If you have any questions, Click to contact us!

Vape Strong!!

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