Be Respectful

July 22, 2017

Be Respectful

Respectful Vaping When In Public

Vaping has taken the world by storm and it is now more important than ever before for vapers to build and maintain a good image and reputation. In this blog, Vape monarch will be giving you some helpful tips and advice on how to respectful vaping in public.

It is quite common to find a sign reading “no electric cigarette allowed” or “no smoking allowed” in most public places. What if there is no sign? It is a good idea to then ask the shop keepers or restaurateur if they allow vaping or not. If you don’t ask, you won’t know. Always be considerate of the people around you and by asking this question, it shows that you respect the establishment and its customers. By doing this one simple thing, you can influence the public’s perception of whether or not vapers are good or bad people. 

When vaping, do not be rude to people who smoke cigarettes around you. Avoid acting like you are better than them because you switched from cigarette to vaping or do not smoke cigarettes at all. A friendly wave or nod to other smokers can make all the difference as to how others react to vaping. 

We know vaping is better, but they don't. Vaping is a relatively new concept and a lot of people do not know what it is all about. Make it your mission to educate the nation and to set a good example. The best place to start is by not vaping when there are children in the area. Any parent would be upset if there is a cloud of vape blow in their children’s faces. Best hold off with vaping when there are children near you. Besides, how would you feel if someone else did this to your child?

When vaping in a bar or nightclub, do not cloud chase and force everyone to inhale it. Some people are into vaping and others not so much. This could make people around you very uncomfortable and all your vapourise your dreams of finding a date. Alternatively, hold your vapor in for longer before exhaling and blow downwards instead of upwards. When at home, feel free to blow out clouds and more clouds as no one will judge you there!

In a nutshell, be respectful towards those in and outside the vaping community. Ask if you can vape when in public, don’t vape when there are children in the area and don’t blow huge vape clouds into other people’s faces. Think how this will impact the vaping community before you take the next step.

The perception we create now will stay with us forever. We don't want a vaping ban everywhere, similar smoking(analogue). Let work together to educate the public on what is in the vapour we are exhaling into the air they breath.

Lets Vape for Life!!